Single for a Year Journey eBook

If you’ve been following my Single for a Year journey blog post series, then check out this eBook that I wrote and published, which serves as an interactive guide for navigating your own personal relationships, OR embarking on your own Single for a Year journey.

This eBook is for anyone who has struggled with personal relationships at some point in their lives, and wants to break the pattern. This could be familial relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, or marriages.

The goal of this eBook is to inspire readers with similar experiences to help determine the root cause behind the pattern of failed or toxic relationships, and allow them to find the love and happiness they deserve.

Boss Lady World Podcast

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Meeting Framework Template

Take control of your meetings by developing a framework for each type of meeting you and your team have. Download a copy of this template here.

Success Scorecard Template

Download an editable copy of the “Success Scorecard” template here.

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