Paul Kanter. Glenn Frey. Prince. David Bowie. This is a list of only some of the great musicians we lost so far in 2016. In recognition of “World Music Day”, I looked back at some of my old music-related blogs I wrote, and came across one that I published in May 2012, when we law saw a similar trend.

As a quick recap, in 2012 we lost Davey Jones from the Monkees, Adam Yauch, a.k.a MCA with the Beastie Boys, Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees, and the legendary, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer.

As I mentioned in my old blog back in 2012, what does this mean for the music world? Is it just that we are reaching a point in time where the artists we remember are starting to die out? Are we really left with the Lady GaGas, the Justin Biebers, and the Miley Cyruses of music? Is that what we got left to define music? Is it even music? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to admit music has changed…

The Day the Music Died…

The world of music has transformed greatly from Jim Morrison who used to make love to his music to Avril Lavigne who doesn’t even know who David Bowie was… It used to be that musicians, and I mean real musicians would write and compose their own music.

Yes, there are still bands that exist today that began by sleeping on the cold, hard floor of a recording studio just to try and get a demo album recorded. What about the artists and bands who once began homeless? Ask Rob Thomas. Or those that stole music instruments from stores just to try and play? Ask Nikki Sixx…

I’m not saying that today’s artists don’t work their way up the musical ladder to success and fame, but most of what we hear on the radio today is all manufactured music. Our artists and songs are chosen for us. The passion for music and creativity no longer exists.

Today, writers and composers are hired and are paid to write songs for other artists. Just like computers have the ability to Photoshop a poorly looking photo or image, computers also have software that can enhance or improve wrong or flat notes, or just horrible singing. It’s said that one of the ways you can tell if a musician is really and truly talented is to see the person live. If a particular artist or band can put on a great live show then you know they are the real deal.

The Real “Heroes”

So where’s the talent? Where’s the art? Music is art, right? Or is music, the real definition of music, dying out with the real musicians that we remember? Maybe the concept of “music” is changing and transforming into the “business” it has become.

Whether the favorite, then and now, was rock ‘n’ roll, disco, or blues, in honor of World Music Day, here’s to the musicians who have passed on so far this year. Here’s to your timeless music, your contributions to various genres and musical styles. Here’s to your memories, both good and bad, and your creativity, and your innate talent. Here’s to the passion that once drove you to make it. Here’s to your devotion to your fans and your faithful efforts. Here’s to your once enriched lives. Thank you for enriching ours.

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