Wow, here we are more than halfway through the challenge. I’d like to shout out a huge thank you for those who have been following and reading my blogs, and to all of you who have given me great feedback. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride!

Today’s blog is on “my worst habits”. Here we go:

1. I work too much. This is the first one that came to mind, but honestly, I don’t know if I’d consider this a “bad habit”. I work a lot because, yes, I have a lot of responsibilities, but I also love what I do. I do what I have to in order to be successful and earn a living. What’s so wrong with that!

BUT I have also learned that making time for myself and taking a break are important, too. And I’m not always good at that…

2. Sometimes I do things too quickly. I’m a very proactive and “get it done” kind of person. When I start a project, I finish it, and I will do what it takes in order to finish it, and on time. I’m a project manager; it’s what I do.

But, yes, sometimes in effort to get something done, I will do things too quickly, and make mistakes—especially if I feel overwhelmed.

3. I eat peanut butter out of the container. Maybe not so much a bad habit but more of a “guilty pleasure”. I know peanut butter is good for you, and there are a lot of worse things I could indulge on, but still…

4. I leave shoes…everywhere. Okay, in my defense, I’ve been a lot better at this one lately, but I’m still guilty of this every once in while. I just have so many pairs of shoes that it’s easy to slip one pair off and slip on another, especially now that the weather is (finally) nice. And if I change my outfit, then obviously this calls for a shoe change.

5. I let past experiences get the best of me. This was a tough one for me to admit, but, sadly, it’s true. If something bad has happened to me, hurt me or if I made a mistake, then I do what it takes to avoid those things as much as possible. But sometimes this can get the better of me, and can influence how I move forward and approach new things, such as a new project, a new client or even a new relationship.

6. I use plug-ins and solar lights. When I asked the man in my life before he left for work this morning what my bad habits are, his first response was, “everything”. But then, all joking aside, he said that I put Air Wick plug-ins all over the house (which he hates), yet I use solar lights outside near my rose bushes. Apparently plug-ins are a waste of electricity, yet I’m trying to save electricity by using solar lights outside… Touché.

7. I’m too hard on myself. Yep. This one is me for sure. I have very high expectations of myself. I push myself to be the very best I can be. And while I know this is a good habit, I also know that it’s important for me to recognize my accomplishments, and reward myself for my wins—even the small ones.

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