I haven’t been very good at posting my blogs lately. And that’s my bad. I admit. Not at all my style, but life has thrown a few curveballs at me recently. In light of it all, no matter what life throws at me, there are always these few things that make me feel better. Every time.

The Studio – Whenever I’m feeling sad, alone or not great about myself, the studio always uplifts my spirits – no matter what. Pushing my body to the max helps me to release stress, tension, and get out my frustrations. My instructors always make me laugh or make me feel great. I just love it. What better way to battle the blues than by doing something you love?

Run – On the days I can’t get to the studio or would just prefer to be alone, then I go for a run. Again, running is a great way to get out my frustration, release stress and tension, clear my mind and just sweat it all out. One of the best parts about running is that it’s just the world, my music, and I.

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese – When most people feel sad or depressed, they will open a carton of ice cream, a chocolate bar or a bag of chips. I’m the exact opposite. If I’m sad or depressed, I won’t eat – also unhealthy, I know. But one of my favorite things to make when I feel sad or depressed is tomato soup and grilled cheese (nonfat cheese, of course…) I think it’s the warmth of the soup and cheese that I find soothing, which helps calm my nerves.

Visiting the Cemetery – I don’t think I’ve ever written or even said this out loud to anyone before. Go me. There is ONE place on this Earth where I go when I’m absolutely in over my head, and I feel like there is absolutely no way out, or there is no one I can talk to. That place is the cemetery. Although I find walking around the cemetery to be more peaceful than creepy (except at night), it’s not visiting the cemetery per se; it’s whom I visit…

So there you have it. When things get bad, I don’t resort to smoking or drinking (although I’ve done those things in the past, too). I’ve grown to learn that they only make the problem worse. There are healthier ways to solve and approach a problem, and there are more productive ways to solve it.

No matter what life throws at me, I always bounce back a stronger and wiser person. But before I can bounce back, I tend to go into a “grieving period”, when I do one of the four activities above. This is my time to process the problem and my feelings.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t disappear for days on end, nor do I stop communicating with those around me, but if you know me, you’ll know something is just…off. Don’t push me. I’ll talk about it when I’m ready. When I feel ready, I will then begin to open up, confide in someone, and be more open to solutions.

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