The ups and downs of being a short girl…

If I were to describe myself physically, I would say that I’m a petite woman with a fairly athletic build. I’m 5’1” and about 110 lbs. I don’t particularly love being short, but it’s worked okay for me for the last 31 years.

Up sides:

I can buy kids’ shoes when they don’t have my size in women’s.

I can wear cute, flattering outfits.

I can wear high heels.

I can fit almost anywhere.

Down sides:

I can’t reach anything. Ever.

I look younger.

People underestimate me.

Petite woman are typically considered “cute” (instead of “beautiful” or “gorgeous”)

My Best Physical Features

Although being short doesn’t really top the list, here are a few of my other favorite features:

My arms and shoulders – Since I started doing pole and aerial dancing, I have built more upper body strength than I ever thought possible. One of the biggest differences between a man and a woman’s natural body strength is that women have natural lower body strength whereas men have natural upper body strength. Therefore, women have to work to build upper body strength.

My abs – Again, I owe all this to pole and aerial. Not to mention, core strength is super important for balance and posture, especially as you age.

My legs – I’m pretty proud of this one, too. Years of running, squats, and, yes, dancing (oh, and wearing high heels) have made me some pretty nice legs.

So other than being able to fit anywhere, like in a crowded backseat of a car, or dangle my feet like five year-old when sitting in a giant chair, being short isn’t all that bad. I think I’ll stick with it.

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