Peanut Butter in Heart DishDay 5 and going strong…There are three things that I can’t live without each day. Today’s blog are about my top three guilty pleasures.

My Guilty Pleasures

There are three things I can’t live without each day: music, coffee, and peanut butter—and in that order.

I know, I know…basically the most random combination of items ever.

But in eyes (and ears), these are the top three “guilty pleasures” that I rely on to power me up and get me through each day.

1. Music – If you’ve been reading my blogs so far, then you know I’m an avid music fan. First, music is the very first thing I hear when my alarm goes off at 4:30am each morning. (I think my “wake up” tone is a Bon Jovi song?) Then, I drag myself to do at least 30 minutes of cardio, which I wouldn’t be able to do without music. Finally, from Mozart to Metallica, I power through and end each day with Pandora by my side.

2. Coffee – Coffee is the next big one. At 6:30am, I sit down in my office to check my email and see what the day brings me. The coffee timer goes off at 7am, which is always “music” to my ears. I’m like Pavlov’s dog jumping up at the sound of the dinner bell. After one or two cups of coffee, I’m ready to rock and roll.

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by how they take their: 1) coffee, and 2) alcohol. After living with a mild dairy allergy my entire life, I can’t do milk or cream, so I just learned to drink my coffee black. And it was getting up and commuting to Boston every day for five years that turned me into an avid coffee drinker…

3. Peanut Butter – The other love of my life. Not only is peanut butter an important part of my daily breakfast, I even make meals out of it. Yes, I’ve been known to eat a bowl of peanut butter (with raisins, nuts or banana) for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midday snack. Don’t judge.

Crunchy, smooth, creamy, natural, Skippy—I don’t discriminate. I love all my peanut butters equally. And, I’m absolutely nuts about Nuts N More. If you visit GNC and they tell you there is a weird phenomenon where society is experiencing a sudden shortage of Nuts N More, it’s probably my fault…

Bad Habits or Brilliance?

Where do guilty pleasures come from? Are they simply wired into our senses and who we are or are they just bad habits?

You decide.

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