31DayBlogChallengeWhy Am I Doing This?

Sick of me yet? For those who have been reading, thank you. For those of you who are just joining me, welcome. In case you missed the point of this, I’m taking on this blog challenge voluntarily to not only use this as a writing exercise to sharpen my writing skills, but to make an effort to make more time to write my own content.

3 Personality Traits I’m Proud Of…

When I think of my personality qualities, many come to mind—both good and bad. But the ones I’m most proud of? I guess in order to pick the top three, I need to think about what I’m most proud of in my life. I’m most proud of the challenges I’ve overcome, where I ended up on the other side, and what I learned about myself through the process.

Sometimes I have days when I feel defeated, discouraged, and like I can’t do anything right. We all have those days. But when things get too hard or don’t go as well as planned, some might cave or give up—but not me. Even through the toughest of times, I’ve always found a way to see it through…

It’s amazing to see how much my life has changed in the last ten years. If I told 21-year-old me back then that I would be where I am today, I wouldn’t have believed me. And I have three parts of “me” to thank:

1.    Motivated – When people ask me how I work full time, run my own business, partner with another one, work out, maintain a household, and find time to feed myself and still have a life every day, I say two things: 1) I have excellent time management skills, and 2) I’m extremely motivated.

One of the number reasons why I am where I am today—independent, happy, healthy and successful—is because I am motivated. I take on challenges, I set and reach goals, and I just…make things happen. Whatever I want, I go for it. Have I failed? Absolutely. But a huge part of failure is recognizing failure for what it is, and then finding the motivation to try again.

And while we all have those days when we can’t get out of bed or we don’t feel like doing anything, the real strength is to find the “motivation” to just get up and get it done. For me, there’s nothing greater than the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.
2.    Hard Working – One of my favorite qualities is that I’m hard working. My mother always tells me that I am my father’s daughter. My dad is probably one of the most hard-working people I know. He worked full time, attended night school for NINE years to earn his Bachelor’s degree, raised a family, traveled on business for seven years, designed his retirement home, and built it from the ground up—with his bare hands.

I know I’m supposed to talk about me and not my father, but I have him to thank for this part of me. And, no, I haven’t built a house (nor should I…), but I’ve built businesses, and I built a life that is better than I could have ever imagined.

Through the years I’ve learned that if you want to achieve a goal—either personal or professional—then you can’t be afraid of hard work. You can’t be afraid to tackle the challenges. You can’t be afraid of failure.

3.    Passion – I saved the best for last on purpose. Passion can be a dangerous word. It means everything from eagerness to anger to desire to pure mania, and I guess that makes it one of my favorite words. But it just works out that passion also describes me: I’m eager, enthusiastic, fiery, full of life and energy, and, yes, I can get angry.

It is the internal “fire” that fuels the motivated and hard-working parts of me to reach my goals. I do and feel everything with 100% of my being. Whether it’s a project or a relationship, I give it my everything. And when I feel something I really feel it—but maybe that’s just the artist inside of me…

Finding Strength

Everyone has their own stories of success and failure. However, I believe that being able to find these innate traits requires an inner strength and an open heart. And with strength comes confidence, and with confidence comes respect. But it first all starts with you…

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