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4 Scientific Reasons Why Winter is Prettier in the Mountains

For us entrepreneurs, knowledge workers, and creative thinkers, living in the mountains can do wonders for mental health, creativity, and overall state of mind. I spent the winter of 2020-2021 in the state of Maine, and here is what I learned.

How to Be Creative
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How to Be Creative [Updated]

Creativity is fundamentally the process of making connections between different parts of the brain. And believe it or not, this is a process that you can perfect with practice, patience, and time. Here are some tips for generating new ideas, solving problems, and how to be creative.

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Dreams Really Can Come True: How I Built a Corporation in Less Than 8 Years

No matter what your goals or your dreams are, or how much people think you are crazy, dreams really CAN come true. Here's how...


3 Super Easy Things You Can Do to Stay Motivated This Holiday Season

Have you been struggling to stay motivated this week? Me too. I'm a pretty eager, motivated, and proactive person by nature. I'm up early every day. I have an organized plan, complete with to-do lists ready to go. I'm up, exercised, dressed, beautified, and out the door every morning by 6:30 am. On a GOOD… Continue reading 3 Super Easy Things You Can Do to Stay Motivated This Holiday Season