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6 Super Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

Finding simplicity in your life is about reducing the "clutter". Each individual person defines "clutter" differently. Here are some super easy things you can do to simplify your life.

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The Banana Bread Experiment

In 2021, everything changed. I won't bore you with the details of why or how, but the outcome was clear: I was starting to burn out. I was no longer happy with my work or my life. I started to fall out of my routine, meticulously built on healthy habits. I felt lost, unfocused, tired,… Continue reading The Banana Bread Experiment

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Dreams Really Can Come True: How I Built a Corporation in Less Than 8 Years

No matter what your goals or your dreams are, or how much people think you are crazy, dreams really CAN come true. Here's how...

31-Day Blog Challenge, Blogging for the Hell of It

31-Day Blog Challenge – Day 31: The Last Blog, But a New Life

In the world of content marketing and writing, blogs are often written to solve problems and providing solutions for an audience. But for me, this blog challenge has been more about personal branding. Not only have I learned a lot about my writing, I’ve also learned a lot about myself…

31-Day Blog Challenge, Blogging for the Hell of It

31-Day Blog Challenge – Day 26: The Last Time I Cried

It takes a lot for me to cry. Like a lot. But I've been doing it a lot more lately. Life is a very scary, uncertain thing for me right now. It has put strain and stress on my business, my personal life, my head, and even on my personal relationships, and has left me feeling sad, alone, scared and even a little angry…